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5 fantastic trends of the engagement photography

Over the last decade, new engagement photography trends have become popular. People are embracing innovative and unique ideas nowadays. Engagement ceremonies are no less important than the wedding days.

So, you will want your wedding photographer to capture the memorable moments beautifully.

Keep yourself updated with the latest trends of engagement photoshoot. Check out these 5 fantastic trends to make your engagement even better.

1. Close-up pictures of engagement rings:

Close-up pictures of diamond rings have become a very popular engagement photography trend. If you go through Pinterest, you will find a lot of pictures of beautiful engagement rings. This photo will give you an opportunity to show off your beautiful diamond ring.

Ask your photographer to capture close-up photos of your hands wearing the engagement ring. After all, you would love to show your gorgeous diamond ring to friends. If you share this picture with your friends on social media, they will be absolutely amazed.

2. Go for outdoor engagement photography:

Many couples prefer doing their engagement ceremonies outside of their houses. As far as locations are concerned, there are so many options available. You can choose from gardens, lakefront locations, park, beach and many more.

It is ideal for couples who want to have a simple yet elegant and unique engagement party. Your professional photographer will get an opportunity to shoot you and your partner against beautiful scenery and it will make your photos look romantic.

If you are a nature lover, you will definitely love to arrange an engagement amidst the greenery of gardens and parks.

3. Incorporate fantasy elements in your photoshoot:

It is a great and unique idea to incorporate fantasy elements in your engagement photos. This particular trend has become one of the popular trends of engagement photoshoot.

There are a lot of options from which you can choose. If you are an avid reader, you may like to recreate a character from your favourite book. If you love watching romantic movies, you would love to recreate a scene from a romantic movie.

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There are popular romantic movies like “Titanic” and “The Notebook“, but you can tell your photographer if you have any personal favourite.
4. Use rustic decorations for unique engagement party pictures:

Are you looking for interesting decor ideas? Go for rustic decorations for your party. It has become popular in 2017 and its popularity has increased this year.

Many decor companies have understood this fact and they are creating more numbers of beautiful rustic decorations for parties. They are even looking for new design ideas for their rustic decor items.

Rustic decorations will give your engagement party a natural and warm feel. The rustic designs will provide a unique style to your engagement party.

The decorations include rustic mirror display, rustic table setting, rustic wedding menu, rustic flower arrangement and many more. Ask your photographer to take close-up pictures of each and every decor item.

After all, these decor items look really interesting and your friends would love to check out them.

5. Use interesting props

Props will make your engagement party much more colourful and lively! Large balloons, flower petals, handmade banners and pets are common props for the engagement ceremony.

Balloons perfectly represent the festive mood and fun of an event. Any ceremony is just incomplete with amazing, colourful balloons. Smoke bombs are also used nowadays to create a dramatic effect in the photos.

Usage of flower petals definitely makes photographs more romantic and red roses are ideal for these photos. If you want to be unconventional, go for tulips or orchids. Make sure your photographer takes a candid photo when the flower petals will be thrown on you and your partner.

Your pet is not exactly a prop, the presence of a pet will make your photos more fun and special. Dress up your cute pet in a bright coloured dress and make it sit between you and your partner. I can assure you this photo will be absolutely adorable and your friends will appreciate it.

When it comes to trends, they change very quickly. Even though it can be really fun to follow a trend, the most important thing is liking the trend, the experience and the photos.


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