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Home Health Ankle Pain: What are the Causes and Treatments?

Ankle Pain: What are the Causes and Treatments?

Any discomfort or pain in the ankle or related to ankle is usually known as ankle pain. There are many causes of pain in the ankle, but commonly this pain can be due to the sprain, or injury.

This pain can also be due to some severe medical conditions, such as arthritis. According to NUHS, the National University of Health and science, on the most common causes of pain in the ankle is an ankle sprain.

The primary cause of ankle sprain is torn or overstretching in ligaments.

Most sprains occur when your outer ankle twist towards the ground. This sprain is also known as a lateral sprain. A sprained ankle commonly swells for about 14 days; however, it may take months to heal fully.

Even after the healing of ankle, in some conditions, the ankle gets permanently weaker and might sprain again and again. According to a report of AAFP, the deadliest cause of ankle sprain is a previous ankle sprain.

Causes of Pain in Ankle

As you mentioned above, the common cause of ankle pain is sprain in the ankle. Here we will discuss the other primary causes of pain, such as:

•             Joint infection

•             Blockage of blood vessels

•             Gout

•             Damage to the nerves

•             Injury

•             Arthritis

Arthritis can cause pain in the ankle but osteoarthritis is on the top of the list. The common cause of osteoarthritis is a tear of the joint. The people of older age mostly face this disease.

Cure and Treatment of Ankle Pain through Home remedies

RICE method is top on the home remedies to treat the pain in the ankle.

  • Rest – You should take rest, and don’t try to put pressure on the ankle. If you want to walk you may use a cane
  • Ice – You can put a bag of ice on your ankle, the duration can be up to 20 minutes. You can apply ice on affected area three to five times a day
  • Compression – As shown by name, you can cover your ankle you stick it straight. Don’t try to put the bandage tightly; this will reduce the blood flow 
  • Elevation – Whenever you sit, try to elevate your ankle above your heart level. You can use a pillow to elevate the ankle.

You can also use OTC drugs to use as a pain reliever; ibuprofen can be used to treat pain. Once your pain under control you can perform some gentle exercises by rotating and twisting your ankle in a circle. Rotate in both sides, and stop if you feel any increase in pain.

This type of exercises can increase the motion of ankle which is affected by injury. Several methods can be used to treat pain, such as:

•             Topical Pain Reliever

•             Use of NSAID

•             Use of OPIOID

•             Stretching

•             Keep body weight in the range

•             Healthy eating

If the pain management and home remedies aren’t working correctly you can use pain relievers, you may also buy pain medicine online to treat the ankle pain. This pain reliever produces calming effects in the brain and reduces the tension nerve and muscles as results you feel relax.

Disclaimer: Articles Idea do not support to take any kind of medicine without the consent of Doctor. Above article is for informational purpose. Take medicine after Doctor advice only.


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