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Are You On Your Personality Development? Start With Active Listening.

Do you know that the process of our hearing starts in the womb? However, we start speaking much after birth. The basic tools for personality development are listening and speaking. But listening is counted more important than speaking and the art of listening is technically called “active listening”. Know what is active listening and why is it important?

Are You On Your Personality Development? Start With Active Listening.

It will be interesting, to begin with, the difference between “hearing”, “listening” and “active listening or effective listening”. Have you ever heard about “listening” in the court? You normally tell you to have a hearing in court. A hearing is hearing, you do not bother whether anybody hears or listens to you or not when you speak in the court.

“Listening” technically is in-fact a process. It does not start with your ears as speaking starts with your mouth. The process of listening starts with the speaker. In order to listen you require somebody to speak. Therefore your listening starts when somebody else starts to speak. Eventually, the process of listening starts when you get a verbal (or non-verbal) message from others.

How do you then understand that message? As the message reaches your ear your brain decodes the message. If the message is meaningless, or improperly spoken, then your brain directs you to ask the speaker that “you do not understand the message, so repeat once again.” When your brain understands the message and directs you to reply an answer to the sender of the message, your listening process is complete. This entire process of listening is called “active listening”.

Why active listening or listening skill is important in personality development?


  • Everybody wants to be heard, but few wish to give a passionate and active listening to what others want to speak. Therefore anybody and everybody when they get a passionate listener, they do not just accept him/her as a listener, but accept him/her as a friend, a well-wisher, a guide, a patron and person whom to rely upon. Eventually, if you give an active listening you win a friend and a follower.


  • Active listening involves encouraging people to speak. When you master over your listening skills and become an effective listener you have a better chance of understanding others. Once you understand them you will start to help them to solve their problems or encourage them to achieve what they intend to. Indeed, you achieved the leadership, or you were accepted as a leader by those whom you effectively listened and helped, much before you yourself was aware.

What are the skills to acquire in active listening?


  • Verbal or non-verbal response: When you give an active listening to your speaker, make sure to give verbal and non-verbal acknowledgments to his/her messages. They are like giving exclamatory responses when he/she speaks about a strange thing or nodding your head in his/her support etc.


  • Questioning: Questioning when you do not understand is the best form of active listening. Questioning encourages the speaker and makes him/her feel that you are attentive to his/her speech.


  • Know the barriers: Active listening often gets destructed by external barriers like sounds, disturbances by others, frequent phone calls, destructive atmosphere etc. Your speaker eventually will get disinterested if he/she feels that you are not properly listening to what he/she wants to convey.

In order to get an impressive personality, you need others acknowledgment to your personality. You can get this acknowledgment when others accept you as their close and genuine friend or guide.  Your active listening to them will generate the required acceptance which will contribute to your personality growth. Therefore, in order to enhance your personality, start practicing listening skills as primary and fundamental steps towards personality development.



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