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Feather Mattress Toppers: Why Should You Choose it for Your Child to Sleep On?

Are you wondering how you can make the most comfortable and soft bed for your child to sleep?

Before the invention of new types of industrial foam, everyone used to purchase soft feather mattress toppers, which are made of natural bird feathers. These featherbeds are incredibly comfortable, cost-effective, and keep the bedding warm and cosy.

Since feather toppers give a sense of cosiness, they are considered ideal for a child or infant. The natural heat regulation keeps the body warm, and the soft texture of the material saves the child from skin irritation and allergies. But even though feather mattress toppers add warmth to the bedding, the topper will keep your body warm in winters and cool during the summers.

Hence, you don’t have to worry about changing the mattress topper as soon as the weather changes.

Note: When purchasing a feather mattress topper, ensure that the thread count is at least 200. This will increase the durability of your mattress.

Why A Feather Mattress Topper?

1. Comfort

A high-quality feather mattress topper is thick, which offers extra padding to your bedding. Since it is made of feathers, this topper adjusts to all the sagging and unusual structure of your old mattress. When the bed is levelled and extra soft, your child can get a relaxing and comfortable night’s sleep. The feather toppers are additionally known to reduce the disturbance caused due to movement.

2. Price

The feather toppers are one of the oldest forms of mattress toppers. Hence, these are usually available at various price points.

Many people are unwilling to spend a lot on mattress toppers, and as feather beds are cost-effective and durable, it is natural for parents to choose these toppers for their child. You can purchase a good quality feather mattress topper for just a few hundred dollars.

3. Weight

Children’s bedding should be regularly cleaned and changed, to reduce the chances of allergens, dirt, and dust particles sticking to the surface. Therefore, having a lightweight mattress topper makes the task of changing and cleaning the bedding easier. Feather toppers are not as heavy, thick, or large as your regular mattress.

They are often quite light, as feathers weigh very little. You can clean the bedding, and change the sheets and the mattress topper with little hassle.

4. Warmth

Feathers are commonly known as thermal insulators, which means that during the winters, your topper will keep your child warm. You won’t have to use an extra layer of warm sheets underneath or turn up the heater.

However, despite the warmth that they provide, the feather mattress toppers don’t retain heat. This means that you can still use the mattress topper even during the summers.

5. Cleaning

Generally, feather toppers only require occasional exposure to sunlight. Just take it out, and air dry it, to disinfect the topper and remove moisture from its surface. When you need to clean the mattress, it can be washed merely unless otherwise specified on the instruction label.

Additional Tips: Why A Feather Mattress Topper is Perfect for Your Child

1. Reduced Risk of Infection

While sleeping, the bacteria, dead skin, and other allergens on the body seep into the mattress. Since we can’t wash or clean the mattress very often, all these contaminants grow and accumulate over time, which can cause illness in the child.

A mattress topper protects your mattress, as these are easy to wash and clean and can, therefore, be disinfected more frequently. You can easily remove the topper from the bedding, wash it, air dry it, or dry clean it to remove dust, bacteria, and allergens.

2. No Sweat on Mattress

Did you know that our body releases a lot of sweat during the night? All this sweat seeps into the duvet, sheets, cover, pillowcases, and mattress. A topper prevents your mattress from absorbing the sweat and perspiration released when you sleep on top of it.

You can always wash, clean, or re-purchase a mattress topper without spending much, but that is not possible in the case of mattresses. It is easier to air dry or sun dry your topper than taking the whole mattress out into the open to disinfect it.

3. Decreased Spillage

A bed in the children’s room is always prone to gathering dirt and sustaining the spillage of food, drinks, etc. Without a mattress topper, these spilt liquids and dust particles go directly to the mattress.

You can’t clean it properly without cleaning services, which are very expensive. A topper allows you to reduce the chances of dirt, grime, and spilt liquids reaching your mattress.


Adding a feather mattress topper to the bedding increases the longevity of your mattress and gives your child a soft, cosy bed that facilitates a good night’s sleep. Further, you can clean this topper easily or purchase a new one when it wears out.

However, a feather mattress topper should perfectly complement your bed and its structure. This can play a critical role in the wellbeing and comfort of your child. Hence, you must carefully consider your requirements, read the labels for hassle-free usage, and check the size of the topper before purchasing.


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