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Finally We Know Why People Tilt Right When Kissing Someone

Finally We Know Why People Tilt Right When Kissing Someone

The world is bubbling with thousands of interesting things.

From space to marine life, and food to faces, there are a lot of mysteries that we uncover with each passing day.

Today is the day when a study has finally decoded why people tilt their head towards the right when kissing. No wonder it has become the latest interesting news and people can’t stop talking about it.

The science behind this interesting news

The study that unravelled the mystery behind kissing and tilting right was conducted in Germany. It was headed by the Associate Professor Sebastian Ocklenburg and Julian Packheiser.

Both these professors are working in the Department of Biopsychology and have successfully decoded the kissing mystery and created an interesting news worldwide. They found out that the hand that a person uses more also plays a major role in the side their head tilts while kissing.

You can easily relate to this by the fact that most people are right-handed. And naturally, whenever they shake hands or eat or wipe or do basically any physical work, they are more likely to use their right hand.

The emotional context behind titling

However, another major factor behind titling right is the emotional factor. In simpler language, according to the professor, ‘In general, the population at large has a preference of tilting the head to the right when kissing, to initiate a hug with the right hand, and to cradle a baby in the left arm.’

The professor further elaborated, ‘With regard to kissing and hugging, the assumption is that people have a dominant hand which they use to initiate the motion. According to the theory, the dominant hand is kept unoccupied when cradling a child so that it can be used to perform other tasks.’

The brain is responsible for the preference of tilt

They were able to conclude that as the movements of your left body are controlled by the right hemisphere of the brain, it also affected the preference you have when you kiss someone.

Naturally, during your day to day situations, you prefer working to your natural instincts. So, when you end up kissing someone, the right side of your brain interacts with your bodily functions and has that effect on your head.

‘There is ample evidence of interaction and interconnection of motor networks and emotional networks in the brain,’ said professor Ocklenburg.

In Conclusion:

It has become an interesting news today and people love knowing and noticing that they indeed tilt their heads right while kissing someone. And I bet the next time you are kissing someone, there is a possibility that the thought that you know why it happens will cross your mind.

And hey, you can always use this piece of information to impress your crush. You never know what ends up working in your favour.


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