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Heart Attack – Top Causes and Risk Factors

Heart Attack – Top Causes and Risk Factors

Heart Attack is a serious health problem that is caused by block blood or narrow vessels. These conditions lead to coronary heart disease and lead to the risk of heart disease. This risk also includes the age factor and family history.

On the other hand, these are not the only factors for heart attack and include reasons like no regular exercise and diet. Patients who are already diagnosed by the heart problem can even improve the condition or keep a check by controlling the blood pressure and cholesterol.

Normally heart attack occurs when heart muscles cannot get enough oxygen or have a block for the heart.

Basic causes of heart attack

As per the report, a heart attack is frequent to patients with coronary artery diseases. Other causes include tightening, severe spasm of a coronary artery. If any of such problems are diagnosed, best Cardiologist in Delhi should be visited to start the right treatment before time.

In some cases artery spasm may cut off the blood flow to the heart, this is commonly seen in females than males. Excessive smoking, high cholesterol levels, and high blood pressure cause this problem.

Another coronary artery spasm is caused by tobacco use, certain stimulant drugs, exposure to cold and several emotional distress.

What are the risk factors for a heart attack?

Heart attack risk factors can be divided into two factors – modifiable and non-modifiable. Modifiable factors mean habits that you can change to reduce the heart attack chances. This includes –

Smoking: Smoking is a major cause of heart problems and increases the change of this problem by 2 to 4 times the non-smoker.

High blood pressure: In the case of high blood pressure, the heart works faster and puts additional pressure on heart muscles. Thus, it increases the chances of heart attack risk.

High cholesterol: High blood cholesterol leads to a high risk of heart problems. Keep a check to the LDL and HDL and the risk will reduce.

Less physical activities: For a healthy heart, it is necessary to go for the regular exercise, improves the level of triglyceride and cholesterol levels and even checks the blood pressure and weight.

Other factors include – diabetes, obesity or overweight, excessive alcohol intake and poor diet.

Non-modifiable risk factors for heart attack – These factors cannot be controlled

Age: Increased age is a normal factor that reduces the health of the heart. As per a report, over 65 years of age, over 82% of the people die due to a heart attack. Heart problem rises to male over age 45 and women after 55 ages.

The family history of heart diseases: If there is a close family member with a heart problem, there is a higher chance to have heart disease in other members.

Preeclampsia: This condition may be developed during pregnancy due to high blood pressure and the rise of protein in the urine. This leads to a lifetime risk of heart problems like heart attack, coronary artery and heart failure.

Racial and ethnic backgrounds: People of certain countries are at higher risk of heart attack than other countries. This is basically due to their resources and access to healthcare.


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