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Home Business How Can a Pharma Franchise Companies Approach More Doctors?

How Can a Pharma Franchise Companies Approach More Doctors?

The pharma industry of India is highly competitive. To survive the tough competition and to stay ahead, pharma companies must take all necessary measures.

One such measure is to attract more doctors. The pharma franchise companies in India are constantly looking for means to get in touch with more and more doctors.

Doctors are important clients for a pharma franchise company as the sales are dependent on how often a doctor prescribes the products of a pharma franchise company. Therefore, doctors are partly responsible for the success of the best pharma franchise company in India.

A top pharma franchise company uses the best channels to reach more doctors to make sure the doctors are easily convinced and recommend the company’s pharma products to their patients. More doctors mean more business. The pharma franchise companies in India use the best promotional techniques to approach doctors.

Additionally, the pharma industry has been subjected to recent changes that allow a monopoly pharma company to promote its medicines and pharma products to the medical fraternity including doctors.

The pharma franchise companies in India give free product samples to convince doctors. The cost of free samples to each doctor can run into thousands, millions which must be borne by the pharma franchise company. Therefore, experts find this method of approaching doctors impractical.

Times have changed, so has the technology and methodologies. Sticking to traditional, tried and tested methods and not adapting to the trends can impede the growth of the top pharma franchise company.

To avoid stagnation, a PCD Pharma franchise company must adopt changes and try new ways of increasing its brand visibility.

In this blog, we shall reflect upon the new as well as the traditional methods used by the companies listed on the franchise pharma company list to reach more doctors.

Traditional Methods

Previously, companies gave free samples to the doctors. The doctors would then pass these samples on to the patients and prescribe the same medicines and products to the patients.

Thus, free samples are of significance to the doctors because these costs them nothing and they get free gifts from the company for prescribing its products to patients.

Although there are both cheap and expensive pharma drugs in the market, a doctor is likely to prescribe the costly alternative if it is getting free samples and free gifts from a pharma franchise company for prescribing its expensive drugs.

And a doctor continues to do so unless it is approached by another brand. The patient goes by whatever medicine the doctor recommends, even if that means spending a fortune.

The gifts we mentioned above include free meals, medical journals, books, travel expenses, etc. Although the state governments have curbed these forms of marketing methods to attract doctors, there are pharma franchise companies in India that use the medium of influential leaders to convince doctors.

Modern Methods

Doctors are technology’s best friend. It is the doctors who experiment and bring new technology to the forefront by bringing it in their day to day routine. Be it beepers, pagers, PDAs, tablets, smartphones, name anything and doctors have used it.

Doctors rely on these mobile devices to connect, report, and record crucial information. Thus, the best pharma franchise company uses the latest technology, apps, and devices to connect with doctors.

Similarly, pharma franchise company uses social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus to reach out to maximum doctors in real time by advertising their brands and products on these digital marketing platforms.

These platforms are one of the best mediums to achieve a wide client base without incurring any huge marketing costs.


Technology has reined the entire 21st century and must not be ignored. Time is of the essence in the medical profession and in order to reach more people in less time, technology must be used.

A pharma franchise company must not leave any opportunity to connect with doctors. The more doctors you get as clients, them more business you get. Get top pharma franchise opportunity by associating with the top pharma franchise company in India.



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