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Home Lifestyle How much time will it take to renovate my small size bathroom?

How much time will it take to renovate my small size bathroom?

How much time will it take to renovate my small size bathroom?

The cost of Plumber and bathroom renovation in Melbourne is between $20,000-$25,000 dollars in 23-

25 days. It will vary up or down depending on the size of the room, project and the selection of finishes,

but that allowance should cover most standard size bathroom.

The timetable below assumes that all tradesman show up on time, materials are readily available, and

the homeowner does not issue any change order that slows down the renovation process.

More importantly, this is an overview timetable, from which all dead days have been removed only

working days are involved in it. It states that one person completes his task and the next person steps in

immediately and take the charge.

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  1. Demolition Time- 2 days

It is a very mind-numbing task that may take longer if the bathroom is on a second story there could be

some problem in moving the materials out.

  1. Rough Carpentry Time – 2 days

If you do not need any carpentry then it is totally optional for you.

  1. Plumbing Rouh-In Time – 2 days

It will take almost 2 days in plumbing task if you are moving services such as tub and toilet.

  1. Electrical Rough-In Time – 2 days

For a good professional electrician, it is a task if a single day. But some times a shortage of any material

may cause a delay in completion of the whole process.

  1. First inspection Time – 1 day

The very first inspection of work can be just completed within just a single day. However, scheduling

inspectors can be a problem, this may be a reason for slow down of remodelling.

  1. Insulation Time – half day

Insulating a bathroom is a very fast going process as only one or two short walls are involved.

  1. Hand Drywall Time – 1 day

Drywall may be begun at the moment insulation is up.

  1. Finish Drywall Time- 2 days

Finish refers to applying joint compound, letting dry, sanding and sometimes repeating.

  1. Paint Time- 1 day

It is also very simple and fast, except for the ceiling, no masking is required.

  1. Final Inspection Time- 1 day

Similar to the first inspection it also not take so long.

  1. Tilework Time – 2 days

It is totally optional if you are not willing to do so.

  1. Cabinetry Time – 1 day

It depends on your needs how much cabinets you need in your bathroom area.

  1. Flooring Time – 2 days

It depends upon the type of flooring you want to have in your bathroom.

  1. Hookups and Miscellaneous Time 4-5 days

Hooking- up toilet, sink and allow some time contingencies.

Lastly, if you are looking to tackle your own bathroom renovation, there are lots of renovating

companies choose the best company providing bathroom renovation in Melbourne.


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