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How to Solve Paper Jam Issue in HP Printer

HP printers come in different make and models and they are used to print black and white and colored documents for home and office use.

But the problem arises when a piece of paper gets stuck in the printer and thus making the life harder for you and your colleagues at the office. When a piece of paper gets stuck inside the printer it gets jammed and it won’t print until you clear the printer jam. Many people don’t know how to clear the paper jam in the printers but it should not stop them from solving this problem. You need to contact the HP phone number and solve all your problems related to a paper jam. They will provide you with instructions on how to solve your paper jam on your printer model.

But, here we have also tried to attempt to provide a solution or fix for the paper jam issue in the HP printers. So, you can also follow our guide to resolve your paper jam issue and get back on track with your productivity.

When a jam occurs in HP printers it either push out a crumbled or smudged paper or it will stop in the mid of a printing job. You need to clear the jam by removing the obstruction from the tray or inside.

Step to clear the jam

Here are the steps to clear the paper jam in HP printers.

Paper tray – First you need to check the paper tray thoroughly because it is the most likely spot where the paper could get stuck. If you notice any loose paper in the tray, remove it immediately and clear the tray.

Rear access door – Now you need to remove the rear access door of the printer and this will allow you to see inside the printer where you may find the jammed paper. A knob or clip may release the rear access door, check it carefully and remove any piece of paper stuck in there.

Lift the front cover – After checking the rear access door you need to lift the front cover and remove the additional paper stuck in there.

Print carriage – You should also check the print carriage to make sure it is running smoothly and there is no paper is stuck in there. Just check if it is able to move freely or not, it not then you need to clear out the paper obstructing it.

Test the printer – After all these steps, you can test the printer if it is working correctly. You need to reload the paper tray with a blank piece of paper and hold the resume button until a test page begins to print.

You can also contact the HP printer support team if your printer failed to print a test page or you are still getting paper jam error. The people at the HP support will be able to pinpoint the problem occurred in your printer and fix it eventually.


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