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How to Write for Medium and Make Money by Its Partner Program

Writing for websites can help you earn a fair amount of money. There are numerous options all over the web that give you a chance to monetize your writing, and Medium is amongst the most respected ones in that regard.

With the help of this post, we tell you all about Medium, its partner program and how you can do well there. It is easy to write for Medium, and if your posts are well-received by readers, then your earning potential is endless.

What is Medium Anyway?

Although it is trendy by now, if you do not know yet, Medium is a platform where you can read and publish content on a variety of topics. Medium is a vibrant community of writers, and it has quality reads that make it so lovable.

In a short-time people have been using it as a blog-host, journalism centre, and a content consumption site. Unlike the other content consumption websites, the website has a no-nonsense way of keeping the place clean and full of high-quality content.

It has free reads and options to use it without spending much, but with the membership program, readers can access premium content and even write for Medium to score some impressive earnings.

How to Write for Medium?

You must have a Medium account to be able to post content on it. The website allows people to create an account for free using their pre-existing Google, Facebook, or Twitter accounts. Additionally, users can also choose to create their account using their email-ids.

Once your account is created, you can start writing and getting your content published. If you want to earn with your writings, then you must join the partner program of Medium.

Medium Partner Program

As mentioned above, you must join the Medium Partner Program if you want to earn through its site. It takes about $5 per month to be a Medium partner.

For yearly plans, the cost often receives discounts, which you can check on their website. By joining this program, you get to write with unlimited features and get to read even the premium content.

With the free-version of Medium, you can create and publish posts, but you will not be able to, monetize them.

What Kind of Posts Can I Publish on Medium?

All! Medium has no specific topics or guidelines of writing but does make sure that it is at least decent with regards to language and sensitivity in its nature. Apart from that, you can write anything. Surely, if you want to be read, then you must create quality content. Readers prefer medium only because of the high-quality reputation of the website that the writers on it have.

If you are familiar with starting a blog, then creating a reader-base for yourself will be more comfortable. It works like a blog and depends on how you use the relevant keywords for users to reach your posts. It is essential to keep a check on popular posts on the site and write relevant content as gives more chances to your post and profile of getting discovered.

How Much Do Writers Earn on Medium?

Your earnings on Medium depend upon how the readers engage with your posts. The more the views, the higher you earn. There is no end to the amount of money you can make on the website, as long as your content is received well by the readers.

People create different posts ranging from tutorials to learn to blog to motivational stories. With the partner program, the amount a reader is spending on the membership is distributed among the writers on which that reader is spending his most of the time reading. So, more the people read your article, the more you earn.

Writers over the web have also claimed that the site also gives a bonus to writers for a content which they feel is of better quality.

Is It Worth It to Write for Medium?

Absolutely! At 5 USD per month, it is a no-brainer that writing on Medium is worth it. Not only do you get to read unlimited content on the website, but you also get the chance to earn a fair amount of money.

It is an excellent way of getting your posts famous and make money while doing that. If you are a professional blogger or a writer, then Medium is a unique way of building an impressive profile of yours. Through your profiles and writings, people can discover your blogs and business. With Medium, you will also be able to attract people to your website.

Want to get started with Medium? We say it is a wise choice to do so. If you have any questions regarding account creation on Medium and how to go on about it, then we are here to answer you. Shoot your question in the comments, and we will be answering all your queries.

Author: Ayush Chawla
Ayush Chawla is a passionate digital marketing freelancer.


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