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Home Parenting Is single parenting a blessing? Know how it is.

Is single parenting a blessing? Know how it is.

Do you know that 17% of total children in the world are brought up by single parenting? Maximum single parenting has been reported in industrially developed countries like the United Kingdom and Denmark. 27% under 18 children in the US are nurtured through single parenting and 80% of these families are headed by single Moms.

Is single parenting a blessing? Know How It Is

Single parenting is often a challenge. But is it always a daunting experience? 17% of total children worldwide are from single parenting and around 80% of parenting is taken care of by single mothers. 4% of children are brought up without their mothers. Maximum of people heading sing parenting are employed. Do they all live in hell like situation?

If you once fall in line with single parenting and know how to manage, then single parenting can be a blessing. Know what the common challenges are and how to handle them below.

Challenges of single parenting:

Challenges can be many in managing single parenting because you will have to take the responsibilities alone which was supposed to be taken care of by two. At one hand you have your own psychological stress since you have parted with your partner and on the other hand the financial and emotional needs of your child. Classify and understand your challenges and find ways to handle them as follows:

  • Loneliness: You must be under tremendous mental pressure if your separation is imposed upon you or you had no other choice. Your feeling of loneliness is indeed very painful.

But if you have taken a conscious decision and have adopted single parenting you need to be brave enough to face the loneliness. Keep yourself maximum engaged and busy particularly with your work and children. Avoid staying alone and provide maximum attention to your children.

  • Emotional distress of children: Often children become rebellious and ask about the missing parent. Never avoid their questions neither hide anything from them. Patiently explain them and try to make them understand the situation.

You will have to play both your role and the role of your separated partner. Often it is difficult and confusing. Involve your children in taking up the role of your missing partner.

  • Financial stress: Meeting the entire financial needs with a single income which were once met by two sources is indeed stressful. Cut short your expenditure. Plan a budget within your income.

Get rid of unnecessary expenditures which once felt required. Make the children understand the situation and involve them in budgeting and expenditures. Give them a few responsibilities like shopping etc. and engage them in decision making. They will feel responsible and cooperate with you.

In single parenting, you are exploring and entering into a new world which you never expected. Initially, it may be strange and at times you may be frustrated. The most important aspect of your handling the entire situation is taking care of yourself. Since you are going to manage the crisis and turn them in your favor, you need to first handle your own emotional, physical, and other challenges, and bring about a change in yourself. You can read some Parenting Hacks to Raise a Strong Girl here


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