New Dell PC Running Slow on Windows 10, How to Fix this Problem?

Windows 10 is a great operating system to use and there are a lot of updates coming to make it even better. But lately, Dell users have been complaining about the slow performance of Windows 10.

After installing Windows 10, your Dell PC might not work the way it was previously working but only the operating system is not responsible for this issue.

There can be several other factors responsible for the same such as low RAM, virus infection, malware attack or due to a heavy program running in the background. For all such reasons, you can simply dial the Dell support phone number where our tech executives will help you.

To fix the slow performance issue of Dell device on Windows 10, first, you need to find the possible causes. Then only you can further proceed to look for appropriate solutions for the problem in question.

Here are some possible reasons for the slow performance of your Dell PC after you have installed Windows 10 and how you can fix them:

Remove unwanted programs

Sometimes a lot of programs run uselessly in the background and use a huge amount of your RAM. These programs might cause your system to lag and perform slow.

There are some default apps which start running as soon as you log in to your Dell computer. you need to close such apps and programs to improve the speed and performance of your system.

Check Drivers

Sometimes it is also possible that you start facing issues with your Dell system after updating to Windows 10. This is because Windows 10 has its own set of drivers and as soon as you update to Windows 10, it might install its own set of drivers on your Dell system.

It is also possible that the drivers are outdated and making the system to run slow.

Update the drivers or you can also download the required drivers manually on your system to fix the issue. To acquire help for this purpose, you can also call at the Dell Customer Service Number.

Scan virus

The slow speed of your Dell computer can also happen due to the presence of virus or malware on your system. If your system has got infected by any virus, it will install programs on your system which might affect the speed of your operating system.

To fix this, open an antivirus program on your system and run a deep scan to remove all the virus present in your system and improve the speed.


Fragmentation can also make your system to slow down. This happens when the files on your drive get fragmented on your hard drive. To fix this issue, you can use the de-fragmentation utility which comes with Windows. Run the tool and check if the issue has been fixed.

These were the methods which might help you in improving the speed of your Dell system. If still, you are facing the same issue, you can dial the Dell customer support number.

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