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Panasonic Seekit – A Bluetooth Tracker that Helps You Find Your Possessions Assuredly 

Going around your house trying to find your keys, wallet or phone is enough to drive anyone insane. However, this doesn’t mean you need to go through an intense rigmarole every time these items get lost or misplaced. Just when you think, “how can I find my phone, keys or wallet?” know that you can seek refuge with Panasonic’s Bluetooth 5.0 Tracker, Seekit. It comes with an array of features which makes it easy for you to track your phone, remote and other possessions with ease.

This Bluetooth tracker ensures finding these valuables is not a nerve wracking process. Here is a brief overview of how this app functions and how it proves to be a time saving device.

Find what you are looking for effortlessly

Whether you are making use of Seekit Loop, Edge or the App, know that these devices use the power of Bluetooth to bring you closer to your misplaced items. This ensures finding your phone, keys and wallet becomes less of a tedious task than it ever was.

If you are wondering how a Bluetooth tracker helps, it’s simple, you simply need to tag your belongings with Panasonic Seekit Loop or Edge and connect it to your smartphone with the help of Bluetooth. In this way, whenever your valuable disconnects from the device, you are notified about the same through an alert.

Some of the specs Seekit comes with

There are many features that make Seekit a clear winner. The proximity guidance feature brings you closer to your possessions when you are in and around the vicinity of your misplaced valuables. The separation indicator works wonders when you are traveling as you cannot keep a watch on your luggage during this time. Then you have bi-directional tracking where you can ring your smartphone even if it is on silent mode.

OneAssist safeguards your credit and debit cards against theft, fraud and loss while Gamezop ensures it is seamless to play engaging and fun games when you are feeling bored. The last seen location feature shows you where your possession was connected so you can continue your search operations from there. These handy features ensure finding your valuables and having your fair share of entertainment through the product’s value added services, become easy for you.

Give Seekit a chance

Go ahead, and give Panasonic Seekit a shot and bid adieu to questions revolving around the lines of “how to track my phone and other valuables, whenever I lose them?” for good. It possesses a 12-month limited replacement warranty period so if the product delivered to you malfunctions during this tenure, simply utilize the return envelope present inside the package and send it to the company, which will replace the device for you free of chargeT&C Apply.

So what is holding you back? Go ahead and find what you are searching for in a hassle-free way with Seekit by your side. All in all, you are sure to find your possessions and essentials without wasting too much time in the process.



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