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Saitama Workout

Saitama Workout

To become a stronger person, you have to go beyond your limits to achieve it. And if you are aiming at following the Saitama Workout, then you have to be really very dedicated and prone to do a lot of hard work for sure. It requires so much patience, great focus, and of course, regularity is must to become the best.

After all, the Saitama Workout is quite popular and generally known as the ‘One Punch Man Workout’. After all, it requires a great level of dedication to do this workout on a regular basis. And merely you will be knowing that the Saitama used to be an ordinary Japenese man who turned out to be one of the strongest men in the entire world.

It is said that he was a superhuman but in my views, it was his hard work, and dedication which made him become this much strong and fit.

You all must be knowing about his story, well that’s a quite popular story as well. And that story also tells about the legendary Saitama Workout too. Well, that workout made Saitama so strong that he used to beat his opponents by a single punch only.

And this is the reason that his workout is known as the One punch man workout. However it sounds so might to us, it was a curse for Saitama more than a blessing. As he used to finish the fight in a single punch itself, so he couldn’t get the satisfaction of having a good fight with a strong opponent.

So, more then a blessing it results in becoming a curse for the great Saitama. Even if he tried to hold back, his amazing and uncontrollable strength and power won’t let it happen and result in obliterating each and everything which comes in front of him.

Despite his great strength, he was an unrecognized as well as an unknown person for the entire world. And when people recognized him, he was made out to be a bad guy by most of the people. And this is a very entertaining and funny thing according to me.

Now, let’s move further and take a look at the Saitama Workout.

The Saitama Workout

From the day Saitama was recognized, everyone has seen him in all his superhero glory knocking out all the massive monsters and other super-powered villains in just a single punch. But like all of us, he has also started from a point as well.

One day, Saitama got free from his average life by breaking all the odds, defeating the massive monster and saving the life of a young boy. And that was the day, he finds out that what he is capable of, he got inspired and move on to his journey to become one of the strongest men on the entire earth.

And that was the day, he started his strict training as well as a healthy diet. As we all know, his hard work and dedication resulted in achieving his goal of becoming the strongest men in the entire world. So, let’s check out the workout which he used to follow to get the strongest personality among all.

  1. 100 push-ups
  2. 100 crunches
  3. 100 Squats
  4. 10 KM of running

So, it is the whole Saitama Workout which you has to follow to get the most amazing and impressive personality full of strength. And the most important part of this workout is that you have to follow it daily. No off days, no leaves this is to be followed all 365 days of the year.

Doesn’t matter if you are sick, or it’s raining outside or even there are thunderstorms. You have to come out and follow this workout daily. And that’s what Saitama used to do.

And his amazing and impressive result is in front of you. Also, you didn’t require any kind of equipment to do this workout which makes it a lot more convenient to do so. And anyone of any age could follow this workout.

Always remember, having a body which is internally fit is always better than having a body which only looks fit. So, always focus on your Internal fitness and then go for the external fitness. And you will see the difference in you for sure.


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