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Seven trends of cryptocurrency will figure out in 2019

Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin have come as a revolution in the last decade. Many cryptocurrency companies across different countries come to the mainstream. People used high tech to earn coins and companies are using Initial Coin Offering to get better raises for startup capital. In 2018, Bitcoin had its rough times and get down by 37 percent in the market in November, and its values go down even further in December. But experts are saying now in 2019 the values of Bitcoin will go to return to its glory days of 20,000 dollars or even more. Consumers are looking for new systems and market to invest in and store money. Some cryptocurrency trends will go to change and play a major role in the variety of coins in 2019.

These seven trends of cryptocurrency are –

  1. Regulatory improvements – Soon the coin exchanges are regulated as similar ways as the stock exchanges in the market and traders invest in them. The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) are monitoring over the illegal security offering and scams in Bitcoin and other digital currency. The SEC will make guidelines about the rules regarding how to issue coins, raise capital, and operate virtual currency.
  2. More mainstream Trading – Experts are predicting that in 2019, the cryptocurrency will become more mainstream in the investing market and even the major financial institution and a big serious investor will get involved.
  3. Improvements in Block-chain Technology – It is very clear that block-chain technology is used for the cryptocurrency. Now the technology companies are focusing on making the block-chain technology more secure and useful for the companies. The tech companies like Corda block-chain program, IBM’s Stellar block-chain, and Ripple Tech.
  4. More block-chain applications – As the block-chain technology is being more improved and secured. And as the more financial institution are using the block-chain technology, there are chances that the other industries, like healthcare, the legal profession, automobile, retail, and sales are also becoming interested in using the improved block-chain tech. Even one of the biggest social media platforms like Facebook is also trying to figure out how to use block-chain technology. Companies like Apple and Amazon are also taking their steps in the block-chain technology.
  5. Exchanges will change – As the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin become more mainstream the exchanges of coin rules will go to the same as the other exchange’s rules, but cryptocurrency companies have to put competitive fees. But the cryptocurrency companies will become the target for hacking and theft online. But, in 2019, as it becomes more mainstream and the tech will going to be more secure as well.
  6. Stability will be a major point – In this cryptocurrency digital investment the money is made or lost in hours, and not in months and years, so the stability of the money made by the investor is the major point in 2019. May the truth be that the cryptocurrency market will never be stabilizing perfectly, but the most reliable coin investment will surely gain a raise.

Taxation laws will become clearer – The tax on the crypto-currency is still a part of the picture. But as soon the cryptocurrency companies change the virtual coins into hard currency, the companies anticipate that the tax laws will become clearer for the investors.


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