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STD and How it Slowly Kills

Sexually transmitted diseases are the set of diseases which are communicated from person to person via unprotected sexual activity, multiple sexual partners, contact with contaminated mucous like sperm, vaginal discharge, and many more. Also known as Venereal Diseases (VD), some of the STDs also spread through contaminated needles, mother to baby through placenta or breastfeeding, also.

Although many symptoms of these can start as common rashes and itching at the private parts, late treatment can further aggravate the situation. Thus, giving proper attention to these minute details can save you from a lot of headache and embarrassment in the future.

The most frequently found sexually transmitted diseases, such as HPV Infections, genital herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis, and HIV Infection are communicable in nature when proper care is not taken to stop them from spreading.

As these veteran diseases are commonly spread through unprotected sex with multiple partners and sometimes, contact with contaminated mucous, proper regular is necessary when an individual is sexually active.

However, the incubation period of each sexually transmitted disease varies from one to two weeks, to a much longer duration, such as in the case of HIV Infections where symptoms occur until and unless they are in their later stage, which ultimately leads to death. Hence, nowadays, it is better to perform an STD check or STD screening to be on the safe side.

Regular sexual health check-ups should be done at regular intervals to prevent any potential risk from sexually transmitted diseases. Similarly while consulting with a sexual health doctor or nurse, one should tell every detail regarding their symptoms so that the doctor will be able to provide the correct resolution on the disease one is suffering from.

Moreover, while choosing from a number of sexual clinics available in the market, one should always remember to explore all details of the clinic first before blurting out any medical related information to prevent frauds and leak of private information.

The market is filled with many sexual clinics claiming to provide the best STD checks, STD screening, or HIV preps which can relieve you from your condition overnight, or within a week, but one should always remember that these clinics can also prove to be a fraud.

Nowadays where today’s lifestyle and choices have greater impacts on one’s body, it becomes very important for a person to take good care of his/her body and in case of such complications, one should also take proper care to ensure that information regarding their medical condition should not be leaked out.

Many reviews have stated that Shim Clinic in Singapore has been the number one choice among patients due to the availability of various facilities as well as assurance of confidentiality. The clinic has a record of giving results based on HIV prep within 20 minutes when checked 27 days after sexual intercourse.

Equipped with professional sexual doctors who have also been trained to communicate in Chinese, English and Thai languages, the clinic sees a decent amount of patients monthly. Hence, if you or someone closer to you is suffering from any of the symptoms, then it is highly advisable to visit a sexual doctor in Shim Clinic as the clinic also provides consultations without any prior appointment to its patients.


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