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Street Food That You Must Try in Mumbai

Mumbai is the king of street food and there are many food items present on various stalls that you must try. There are too many places to visit when it comes to the street food you shouldn’t miss out.

This why this article would be of great significance to you if you want to know some of the best options.

1) The excellent Vada Pav From “Ashok Vada Pav”:

Whenever you take a walk in any of the roads in Mumbai, you will undoubtedly find a vada pav stall. A standout amongst Mumbai’s most mainstream and broadly accessible road snacks.

Vada pav of Mumbai is also known as a veg burger, it consists of spices with smashed potatoes stuffed beneath slices of bun. It is further garnished with a wide range of chutneys and flavours.

Despite the fact that it seems very simple, but it’s one of most prominent tasting veggie lover burgers you’ll probably ever had. The most important part of this food is its chutney. And furthermore, don’t miss those seared chillies so as to have a great taste of hot spicy flavour.  

2) The Renowned Mumbai Bhelpuri at Juhu Beach:

One of the most delicious street foods loved all over India is again from Mumbai. You’ll find this food all through the city, but the taste of Bhelpuri from Girgaum Chowpatty and Juhu beach is something you can remember forever. “Mumbai ka mashoor bhelpuri” is famous enough that you can get it at many places around the country.

With the availability of this food in different places, you can also enjoy the different varieties of bhelpuri.

Basically, this food consists of puffed rice and sev mixed with potatoes, onions, tomatoes and different type of chutney, and finally garnished with a bunch of cleaved cilantro.

It’s a crispy and crunchy, spicy and tangy flavour with sweet sauces gives your taste bud an enjoyable experience of having street food.  Bhelpuri is a favourite Mumbai street food loved by all age groups.

3) Sev Puri at “6TH Road SEV PURI”:

There are different varieties of chaat available within the top Indian snack food items. When it comes to one of the best and most preferred by the people is sev puri.

This street food is made with small puri flat in shape, covered with mashed potatoes, garlic, sliced onions and cilantro. Then spicy and sweet sauces are added to make it taste incredible. And the final touch is given to this food by sprinkling the coriander leaves.

4) Pav Bhaji At the infamous Juhu Beach:

There is a very interesting story about Pav bhaji, Basically, it was prepared as a late night food for workers from the leftovers. To prepare this, a mixture of vegetables was crushed up, blended with flavours, and presented with bread.

Nowadays its basic ingredients include potatoes and tomatoes with spices presented with butter toasted bread. It’s a must-have street food if you ever visit Mumbai and to have tasted the original pav bhaji.

5) Well known Bhuna Roll at Bademiya:

On this rundown of best Mumbai road food, you’ll discover a great deal of vegan dishes, however kebabs and rolls are without a doubt non-veg.

In Mumbai, there are many popular hotels and restaurants where you can get delicious kebabs and rolls. One of the favourite rolls among the people is the Mumbai bhuna rolls. It is made with boneless chicken cooked with spices, filled with gravy and wrapped inside a crisply cooked rumali roti. This dish is tasty and mouth-watering.

5) Chai at any traditional stall of Mumbai:

Chai isn’t only some normal cup of tea in Mumbai. It’s a hot and delicious blend that offers an opportunity to take a rest from the busy roads of the city, to gradually taste and appreciate.

The tea is generally fermented very solid, at that point enhanced with a lot of creamy milk, and prepared with cardamom, masala, or ginger to give it an additional kick of flavour.

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