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Things to Know About Dubai Sightseeing

Things to Know About Dubai Sightseeing

Dubai offers a lavish and luxurious lifestyle to every person visiting this place. But, it is not only the lifestyle that Dubai is known for. Dubai attracts plenty of tourists from all over the world, due to plenty of things to do and see. Located on the south-eastern coast of the Persian Gulf, it is the most populous state of UAE. It is defined by its towering skyscrapers, corporate offices, world-famous shopping complexes and awesome beaches.

Words fall short to describe the sightseeing experience in Dubai. Touring around Dubai is one of the activities which should not be missed.  The place is worth multiple visits and most of the time spent in this place goes in exploring it in entirety. Some of the best architectural beauties abound this city like the Burj Dubai, Palm Islands, the World Islands, and the Burj Al Arab.

Dubai is always portrayed as one of the most famous luxury holiday destinations in the world. There is much more to Dubai than sipping cocktails by the side of the pools. Dubai is the ideal destination for the families, having plenty of options for both the adults and the children to enjoy.

Dubai is home to some of the most reputed theme parks of the worlds. There are plenty of lofty skyscrapers also, which have become pieces of attraction for the visitors. One can also engage in amazing desert safaris, shopping for gems or getting a taste of the delectable dishes from almost all parts of the world.

Amazing places of attraction

Dubai sightseeing is a wholesome package with beaches, hotels, malls, museums, theme parks, zoos and plenty of natural beauty. The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo boast of the presence of more than 33, 000 underwater animals. Let us have a look into some of the prominent tourist attractions.

Bastakia Mosque

This is one of the most photogenic mosques of the city. It adorns the famous lattice work with white façade. This attracts people who take an interest in art and different forms of architecture. The mosque is not only known for its architectural beauty but also the serene ambience it provides to the visitors. The last remnants of the Dubai City Wall can also be seen from this mosque. It was in the mid 19th century, that this wall was carved, out of corals and gypsum.

Heritage and Diving Village

Pearl diving and dhow building are the two most important professions in Dubai. These two are best highlighted in this place of attraction. Dubai’s maritime heritage is best reflected in this coastal village. Tourists, who want to get a taste of the nomadic lifestyle, can visit this place as this place is known for the Bedouins staying over there.  The village can also be visited due to many cultural and dance shows, held over here. The Dubai tour packages include this village as a must-visit place of attraction.

Dubai Aquarium

This aquarium is the place of about 140 species of marine life. It is a huge suspended tank on the ground floor of the famous Dubai Mall. The mall, along with the aquarium, attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. The popular activities that can be enjoyed here are the underwater zoo visit and the glass bottom boat tours.

Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House

This is another very important place to pay a visit. It was once the residence of Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, but now it has been converted into a museum, depicting Arabian culture to its full glory. There are many maps, coins, stamps and letters which reflect the triumph of their culture.

When it comes to things to do in Dubai, people can enjoy some of the most amazing things in the world like red dunes and camel safari, desert safari, belly dance show, Burj Khalifa tour, luxury yacht tour etc. All these tours are exceptional ways of enjoying the marvels of the city with the best of facilities.


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