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Top 10 Decor Items to Keep in your Living Room

Top 10 Decor Items to Keep in your Living Room

There is always a space available for modification in every home and if you are going to make a few changes in your home start with upgrading your living room. A living room is always a center of attraction for the visitors if it is decorated well.

We all give all of our effort to make our home the best place to live and rest. In my opinion, the living room is the place where we spent most of our time next to the bedroom. We greet our visitors here, spent hours watching TV shows and movies on the couch, the best place to enjoy snacks and do a lot of other things too.

Upgrading your living room will be a great move but the problem is that we always lack inspirations, ideas, and items. I have made a small effort by compiling a list of top 10 décor items to keep in our living room. Many of these items can be bought directly from the UK with the help of shipping service.

1.Comfortable Rugs

A comfortable and cozy rug is the staple of any living room. Rugs with soft texture make your feet feel comfortable. Visitors will also love such kind of gesture and welcome in the living room.

Always make sure to buy a rug enough big to cover your couch area. It will be also great a great idea to buy rugs according to the color and contrast of the furniture (sofa).

2.Coffee Table

A good quality coffee table may not be the primary element of your living room but it makes your living room complete. It adds details to the room and brings things together.

The coffee table will be proved the best furniture to welcome your guests and loved ones with coffee, drinks, snacks, and other eatables.

3.Personal Kind of Stuffs

You have to make your living room homey and adding little personal kind of stuffs will be the best idea. Doing this will make your home more warm and welcoming.

The main problem is picking up the right things capable of providing a personal touch to your living room. I have listed a few things and ideas to go with.

  • Family photos
  • Small shelf of trophies and toys of your childhood
  • Something memorable kind of thing
  • Things you have collected during your vacations and tours
  • Photos of your school and university friends
  • Your guitar

4.Art pieces

Art pieces can make you living room more interesting. Art piece does not mean an expensive piece of painting or any idol you have purchased by paying heavy bait in the exhibition.

You can place a big size painting or portrait in your living room. If you are good at painting you can even frame your painting and keep it in the living room. You can go with a huge family photo or photo of your better half or even a big picture of your dog.

5.A TV

You may not find your TV very useful in your living room if you don’t enjoy watching it a lot. Your guests and visitors may love to watch their TV shows and movies sitting on the couch.

A living room is the best place for watching TV. If you don’t like to watch TV much you can do many other things with it. These days TV sets have become smart devices and you can access social media, play games, control other smart home devices, pay bills, do hands-free voice or video calling etc.


Houseplants are the best thing to fill underused corner or nooks of the living room. Plants have great versatility and can look awesome no matter whatever the décor is.

Vibrant and green plants are very essential that every living room must include few of them. A right picked houseplant can add extra personality dimensions to your living room and be the focal point.

  1. Aquarium

A freshwater or saltwater aquarium can add more elegance to the living room. It will make the place more exotic no matter what’s the size of the aquarium.

It’s true that bigger tanks create more impact but a small pot with just one fish will also look cool. Huge tanks can hold up to hundreds and thousand gallons of water but the truth is that it also acquires a lot of space.

Instead of buying extra large aquarium to your living room you can invest on those aquariums which are creatively designed and occupy less space.


Candles are not are the things one should use only when he/she is planning something romantic and intimating instead candles will make your living room more inviting and cozy.

There are various types of candles available in the market of different design, size and color. You must choose candles according to your living room interior and space. The coffee table, the mantle or the side of your living room will be the best place to display the candles.

9.A Cozy Couch

The living room is incomplete without a cozy couch even I think that you can’t imagine it. Selecting a good quality couch which can easily go with your living room interior isn’t easy. Make sure to invest on a proper couch made with high-quality material and fabric.

Team your living room couch with a fluffy and comfy pillow. Work hard on making your couch the best and most comfortable place to rest and spend quality time with your family.

10.Bold Curtains

Curtains play an important role in revealing the beauty of your living room. If the curtains are simple and plain they can easily disappear in the background.

Choose colorful and bold curtains which will provide characters to your living room. Select an eye catchy curtain and add more details to your living room.

Final Note:

Upgrading your living room is a great idea but it isn’t an easy task. There are multiple things you have to perform to make it a better place to rest and work. You can even create big impact by changing small things too.

If you don’t have much inspiration about performing the changes you can hire the professionals or get some idea online also. Make your budget and always try hard to do the things without breaking your bank.



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