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Top 7 Careers in the Sports Industry

Top 7 Careers in the Sports Industry

As kids we have multiple dreams, being a doctor, a pilot, an engineer etc. But there hardly will be anyone who did not dream of being a sports person, especially a cricketer.

Cricket being the hot favourite in India and Sachin the “God of Cricket”; we certainly worship the game and its god, don’t we? However, it is not just restricted to Cricket or playing for the national team; the sports industry is vast and has plenty of career opportunities.

Let’s consider one by one what these opportunities:

Sports Broadcaster: As the name suggests broadcasting live sporting events is the primary responsibility of a Sports Broadcaster.

They conduct in-depth research about the athletes, arrange for commentary, analyze the performances of the teams and athletes.

A lot of sports talk shows have also opened doors for Hosts who throw light on the various trends, growth, and progress of elite sports persons etc.

Sports Physician: Doctors who treat athletes for injuries, who diagnose and treat these athletes for any ailments, are referred to as Sports Physicians.

They may provide consulting to a team in its entirety or an individual player or a group of players.

Maintaining the health and deciding if workouts and diet plans are appropriate for the injured athlete, and certifying if they are ready for the upcoming games is the duty of a Sports Physician.

Professional Players: Pursuing a game as a hobby and pursuing the same game professionally at a national or international level is a different ball game together.

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Regular practice, unwavering focus on fitness, and meticulous exercise routine are just a few parameters to stay competitive in action-oriented games.

Players have to deal with a demanding travel schedule alongside formulating shrewd strategies for upcoming games.

Coach: Again this needs no explanation. Coaches conduct training sessions to sharpen the skills and techniques of players.

They attempt to ingrain sportsmanship within the team and keep an eye on the strengths and weaknesses of the rival teams. The compensation paid to them varies according to where they are employed.

For example, a school/college coach would be paid less as compared to someone who coaches a team for leagues and international games. The sport that they are associated with also decides the level of compensation.

Sports Agent: Sports Agents are mediators and work in the best interest of athletes, managers, coaches etc. They scrutinize data and highlight the value the athletes bring to the team.

Negotiating contract terms, recommending endorsement opportunities and establishing or revamping public images of sportsman are additional responsibilities that the Sports Agent shoulder.

Sports Marketer: Promotions of games, tournaments, and athletes, that’s what they do. Additionally, they also market sports products/services. They formulate marketing strategies to maximize footfall during tournaments and to improve viewership.

Umpire/Referee: A thorough understanding of the rules and regulations of the sport that one belongs to is imperative if one decides to take this up as a career.

Spontaneous decision-making is an art and one has to master it without a doubt. A hectic travel schedule applies here too. Attentiveness, responsiveness, quick decision making, composed attitude etc.

Are just a few traits that would take one a long way in this career.

Let’s now take a look at a few Universities (out of the many) that offer programs that would groom you towards a career in sports:

  • Georgetown University – Ma In Sports Management
  • University Of San Francisco – Master of Professional Studies in Sports Industry Management
  • Columbia University, School of Professional Studies – Master of Science in Sports Management
  • The University Of Tampa – Bachelor of Science in Sport Management
  • Ohio University – Bachelor of Sport Management

Now the question is how does one get into these programs, what are the qualifications required, how one must apply to these programs, what documents are required. There’s one answer to all these questions.

Leverage Edu has expert consultants who provide apt and tailor-made advice to students on the chosen career path. Visit one of their ccentres now to know more.

People, especially Indians are a little sceptical about a career in sports. The stability and firm grounding that one achieves in traditional career paths is something that a career in sports is known to miss according to most parents.

Remember it is important to keep the final goal in mind before you set out to make a mark in this career; appropriate planning and guidance is the key.


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