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Home Lifestyle Top Bathroom Remodeling Trends That You Need to Keep On Your Radar

Top Bathroom Remodeling Trends That You Need to Keep On Your Radar

Top Bathroom Remodeling Trends That You Need to Keep On Your Radar

One of the greatest ways to welcome the year 2019 is with the simple home improvement that takes care of business. Before you start revamping your home, consider the spaces that you use the very often.

Yes! You got that right, your bathroom is a functional space, however, that doesn’t mean it can’t create a statement with new home design.

Well, if you have been mulling over bathroom remodeling trends for quite some time, it is a great opportunity to take the next step. This New Year has brought with it a pack of new design patterns, and a few things that have been around for almost a decade, they are being replaced with new, fresh, and innovative ideas.

So, let us dive in on what’s hot for the bathroom in 2019, and you’re going to need to copy everything on this list only if you want to stay up-to-date with the current home bathroom remodeling trends.

Storage Ledges Are Back Again

You all very well know that catchall niche you use for every item that you need in the shower? It’s has made an opening and its making room for the ledge.

Its’ clean and sleep look is one that can be used up in pretty much every bathroom of the house, regardless of the design style.

Uncovering The Hardware

Modern design fans, this one is especially for you. Uncovered hardware equipment and the pipeline are coming into the bathroom design trend in a delightful manner.

Although we used to see it a lot in old fashioned homes, however, it has returned an all the more sleek and clean way.

Plaster And Cement Are Getting A Makeover

We all know that plaster and cement are infamous for being stark and cold, yet overlook all that you know about them. You’ll be seeing at them as far refined now as “Plaster and cement are seeping into bathroom designing redesigning.  

Stick To One Material

Most of the people have seen subway station tiles for quite a long time, however, the sizes and shapes are changing, and it is currently on each surface of the restroom. Using a simple tile big way gives a great deal of effect, without using up every last cent.

Create A Statement With The Mirror

You could stay with your basic Wall-to-Wall mirror, yet in 2019 is putting forth a defence for choosing something somewhat more fascinating. It probably would not be for everybody or each bathroom space, however, an impact full mirror can create an exquisite statement and make something that feels personal and one of a kind in your home.

Huge Impression In A Small Space

Small bathroom spaces like powder rooms excel as a canvas for a splashy statement. A high-differentiate, huge scale backdrop extends a little space and imbues it with a cunning work of art. You have the option to install frameless shower doors, as they take less space than most of the other types of shower enclosure doors.

A Neutral Palette

Everyone cherishes a classic bathroom and they believe it’s dependable on style design to have something that works for quite a long time to come. To keep it feeling current we cherish using a monochromatic element all through the entire bathroom remodeling space.

For instance, using every one of one colour or material is one of the best methods to accomplish this, classic tile and themes can be joined still yet utilizing every one of one material make a fun gem box-like look to space. You can even now remain impartial and make it have a craving for something extremely unique.

Bold Bathrooms

This spa-inspired bathroom design trend has now officially returned, so, back to the spa theme, that is. Nowadays it’s about the strong, dull, sultry structure of the bathroom that summon a liberal top of the line experience.

Uncovered Shower Plumbing

In some of the bathroom spaces, we are incorporating more on shower plumbing. The commercial look blended with a delightfully white, modern marble.

Pewter And Gunmetal Hardware

Gunmetal and pewter is the design style trend that most of the people are cherishing. It’s not as unforgiving as unadulterated dark or explicit as metal or gold, yet it gives equipment some surface and profundity.

Vanities In Front Of Window

People are seeing more vanities before windows. At the point when there is a delightful outside view, it’s remarkable to remain by the sink and watch out. Suspended mirrors from the roof or use a mirror on the end side of the sink. Another in addition to it, that the lighting is compelling.

Open-Design Concepts

Say farewell to the days where you used to hide behind the doors or wall of the bathroom while getting ready for work or a night out.

It’s about the open concept. The use of steel or clear glass as a boundary is imperative, at the end of the day, showering and getting ready in the open air is just wonderful.


Small spaced bathrooms have dependably been a spot to add high dramatization to a small space, however at this point curiously large flower wall prints and example on-design are feeling very existing apart from everything else, especially in striking, superb colours.

Proclamation ART

The year 2019 is tied in with owning an aesthetic expression; even in the bathroom. A complex bit of compelling artwork will give your restroom a quiet point of convergence.


White and dark marble keep on being solid, mainstream materials into 2019 for kitchen and bathroom. They are exemplary and timeless, can go from traditional to modern day as far as style, and are likewise good for resale. Hand-crafted materials, for example, quartz and porcelain tiles that resemble common stones, are additionally workhorses from a sturdiness point of view and will keep on being prevalent.


You’d see that most people never again see the shower as a utilitarian space and more as an experiential space. They are searching for spa-themed encounters just as a sort of dramatic excellence for what used to be extremely inside and private space.


No more tiled, grouted shower floors and visible channels! Stunning plumbing equipment still have the tendency to sparkle, yet the person on foot channel is getting to be imperceptible: presently walk in-showers can highlight a luxury Mexican floor tiles or surface of large marble slab that tendency to cover up straight seepage pipeline underneath.

Author: Justin Mark is an experienced house remodeling contractor, and has been in this business for more than a decade. He is very enthusiastic about his work and keeps himself updated by the latest home improvement trend.


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