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India is an interesting land that blooms with spiritual belief, architectural beauty and festive traditions. You know if you were looking for crossing off certain items from your bucket lists, India would be a great place to start.

India’s fascinating landscape makes it a viable place for many interesting outdoor activities. The Himalayan border with three sides of water has given the land with scenic natural beauty.

The culture would bombard you with unexpected traditions and rituals. The avid travellers to this distinct peninsular place to check off a few things in their dream list during their vacation.

Are you wondering what could be those things? Here are the top bucket list items to check out in India.


  1. Spirituality at any level can be experienced in India. Do you want a peaceful exploration of a monastery or, do you want to witness fire dancing, animated masked dance and midnight rituals? India is bleeding with a spiritual connection with the ancient cultures of the land.
  2. There are numerous architectural beauties starting from Taj Mahal to temple with erotic sculptures. Do you have a structure in mind? Visit India and check out the labyrinth alleys of the land.
  3. Riding the trains in India is quite an adventure trip. It is not just the crowded metro trains. You could experience the royal lifestyle of India with luxury trains like Palace on Wheels, Maharajas’ Express and others.
  4. The cuisine of the land has its link with the culture and landform. Thus, you can find the delicious delicacies of each state, which is derived from the local produce. The freshness of the cuisine relies on the fresh spices of the land and medieval styled cooking techniques, which will help to lock the texture and spices with the food until it is served.
  5. Taking a camel safari through the glazing hot sands of Rajasthan, camping in the middle of the desert to enjoy desert styled cultural programs, barbeque dinner and so on.
  6. Climb on the elephant and ride through monuments. Some even prefer exploring forest regions to spot one-horned rhino on the back of a mighty elephant.
  7. Try the legalized opium in Jaisalmer. They call it bhang. It is considered the drink of Lord Shiva.
  8. Get to the future world inside Auroville in Pondicherry. This is the right place for rejuvenation.
  9. From scuba diving to paragliding, you can add as many adventure activities to your list as possible, when it comes to India.
  10. The world first three highest motorable mountain passes are located in Ladakh of Jammu and Kashmir. Riding a mountain bike through these passes and stopping at a scenic spot for a hot cup of tea would kindle the adrenaline in you.
  11. Just let your senses relax with Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala. Make time for a few hours of romantic houseboat ride along the backwaters of the land.
  12. Trek to Maylynnong to walk through the living root bridges. While you are at it, try the hot springs of Jakrem.

The list will go on and on, based on the type of traveller, you are. Are you ready to experience the real wonder of India? No words can explain the experience you are about to get. It is the right time to book your tickets to paradise.


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