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Ultimate Guide to Choose The Right Heels

Ultimate Guide to Choose The Right Heels

Every girl and every woman loves wearing heels. The high heels bring a bucket load of confidence with them. You can’t stop flaunting them. You can’t stop smiling while wearing your favourite heels.

They instantly transform your style quotient. They make you stand out among the regular crowd. The following post has been crafted for the love of the heels. It has the names and description of different types of heels.

So, read it and enhance your knowledge. Make your next show shopping smart affair. And don’t forget to use Jabong offers if you are shopping online!!

Different types of Heels and their characteristics:

1 – Kitten heels:

The kitten heels are one of the most popular choices. They are very low heels. They are the perfect picks for routine shoes. They can be worn to all the events and gatherings.

They worked perfectly for the people that don’t need extra height. They are a Perfect Combination of comfort and fashion. Daily office wears; meetings; social gatherings – Yes!!

2 – Stilettos:

Stilettos are the highest heels you can ever step-into. They can reach as much as 8 inches’ height. They are available in many options. All girls and women love them.

However, they require specialized training to be able to wear them properly. They can even cause problems in walking and body posture. But they are pretty as gems.

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3 – Pumps:

The pumps are one of the most amazing heels. The heel height is in between 2 to 4 inches. They have a deep cut around the toes. This is the main identifiable feature of the bumps. Get yours using the Jabong Offers and save as you shop.

4 – Wedges:

The wages are a perfect saviour for the inapt walkers. They will give you the desired lengthening effect. They will make your toes appear peppy and girly. But they will not sprain your ankles easily.

They will provide you comfort as well. And, they are a better option than the stilettos. Especially, if you don’t have much experience with heels – buy them. There are two types of wedges:

•    Wedge heels

•    Wedge sandals

5 – Ankle Strap Heels:

The ankle strap Heels are chic and sophisticated. They are one of the trendiest shoes. They are available in lots of designs. These heels are more secure and comfortable to walk in.

There is a strap around the ankle that keeps your feet in place. You can wear them on all kinds of occasions and gatherings.

6 – Cone Heels:

The shoe is wider near the sole of the foot. The base is narrower and the heels are cone-shaped. They just look like an ice cream cone right under your heel. They are available in peep-toes; bellies and ankle strap options. However, there is no end to variety and style.

7 – Sling Back Heels:

If you get clumsy while walking, then the slingback heels are there. They have a strap with or without elastic around the back of heels. They are elegant, classy and sophisticated. They stabilize your walking. The Sling Back Heels come in different styles and heights.

8 – High Heel Sandals:

These are the sandal versions of the heels. They have kitten heels, stilettos, and very high heels. But all of them have the look of a sandal. They might or might not come with the securing straps. The most loved version is the one with the ribbon bows.

9 – Platform Heels:

Well, no list of the heels can be complete without them. The platform heels are available in all sizes and styles. There are short platform heels and long platform heels. These heels have a thick platform under the sole.

These are also one of the most comfortable heels to wear. They have a less differential of height in the back and front part. Hence, they don’t hurt the feet as much as the others.

10 – Peep Toes:

Earlier, we used the term peep-toes in the article. These are the must-have shoes for every girl. Not all of us are blessed with an amazing foot structure. But, the peep toes make every pair of feet look good.

They have a small round shaped cut in the front, near the toes. They offer a perfect window for those manicured nails. Wearing them, you always put the best foot forward.

11 – High-Heel Boots:

They are the most essential and most chic winter shoes. They are both heels and boots. They come with different lengths. They might reach your knees or the middle of your legs. They come in various styles such as:

•    Embellished Heels

•    Fur boots

•    Block Heels

•    Leather finish

•    Stiletto Heels etc

Some other heels you can wear are:

•    Ankle Booties

•    Mules

•    French Heels

•    Cut-Out Heels

•    Corset Heels

So, which ones are you going to buy? Choose whichever you want using the Jabong offers.


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