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What You Need to Know About Winter Moving

What You Need to Know About Winter Moving

Moving during any time is stressful enough, let alone winter. From the tons of personal belongings that you’ve hoarded over the years to kids and pets along with, the task is plain daunting.

However, winter moving sounds more tiresome than it is. With a few basic but smart steps taken, it can save you some time and money.

Fortunately, these steps are relatively simple, and with the right movers to hire available only a click away, your site shifting plans can be as nearly perfect as can be.

Some of the things one must keep in mind amidst their plans to move during winter are;

Winter Moving Tricks and Hacks


A little OCD goes a long way when planning a big move. In the winters it helps even more! Make sure all your belongings are stored neatly in weather appropriate containers which are as lightweight as possible and labelled.

If you can manage to colour coordinate them too, then it’s like icing on the cake! Breakable items like crockery and electronics are susceptible to breaking during harsh weather conditions.

Double-wrap them in thick fabric and cover delicate edges with bubble wrap before loading them at the very end of the vehicle so that they don’t crash against other bulkier items. Lastly, if there is heavy rain or snow, swap the cardboard boxes for plastic ones so that they can withstand the conditions.

Advance Preparation

Study the weather conditions well in advance and pack accordingly. Keep your driveway clean to save time and pack early to avoid a last-minute scuttle and consequently, waste of time.

Get your car ready for delicate items that you don’t wish to send with the movers and load up your boot in advance. Also, stack up your vehicle with woollens and food items for your long journey ahead.

If you do end up stranded, you don’t want to be freezing!

Additionally, prepare your new home in the same manner as well. Maybe, also start your heating a day in advance, so you don’t have to enter a cold and uninviting atmosphere to hamper moving day for you.

Time Management

Driving during snow or heavy rain can significantly reduce your speed. Plan well in advance and allow yourself plenty of leeways to reach your destination. If you’re using hired help to unpack, stay in touch with them so they can coordinate their schedule with yours.

Additionally, figure out your route in advance, but be prepared with alternate routes in case of roadblocks or vision impairment due to hail or rain.

Moving companies are also likely to be more flexible in their schedules during winters so in case of rescheduling or cancellations, and they would be more gracious.

With the tips as above-mentioned, your moving day despite being amidst a white carpet of snow or wet roads can be a pleasurable experience that is not only cheaper than in summer but also easier.

If anything, if it fits your needs and budget, it can be an advantage. The benefits would include cheaper moving company hires, emptier roads and lesser human traffic to name a few. So get ready to jet, set and go!

Hire the Right Movers

There are thousands of moving companies, so it is hard to choose from. Usually, go with the ones that have great client testimonials, especially those with good winter moving experience. Moving requires strategy, coordination and organization. This is a motto No Problem Movers adopt.

With fifteen years of moving experience, they have been providing services in local moving, packing/unpacking, long distance, secure storage facilities, residential and commercial moving along with facilities like junk removal and insurance and restoration services.

It is pertinent to hire the right moving company, especially during tumultuous conditions and No Problem Movers makes your move seamless.


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