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Where to Find and Eat What Types of Famous and Delicious Cuisines Across the Cities of India?

The Indian subcontinent especially the country of India is home to a diversity of groups of people with different ethnicity, languages, cultures, food habits, and traditions. The popular Indian ways of life claim the richness of peaceful and progressive living in unity with diversity. However, if you happen to visit various Indian cities, you will be amazed to taste and experienced numerous types of cuisines that are not only delicious but famous worldwide. Here are famous and delicious Indian cuisines from 10 different cities in India.

Litti Chokha-the Famous and Delicious Cuisine in Patna-Bihar:

The historical city of Patna is the capital city of Bihar as well as one of the most rapidly growing cities in India. The State of Bihar especially the city of Patna is famous for its glorious past and is known for numerous tourist attractions with marvellous shopping avenues and delicious cuisines for the food lovers across the globe.

Food lovers from across the Indian sub-continent and the world, know Patna because of the delicious cuisine named Litti Chokha that has already earned a brand name for Patna as well as for Bihar and India. The name Litti Chokha is the combination of two basic ingredients that are used to make Litti Chokha namely Litti or the backed wheat dough and Chokha is the smoked brinjal or tomato or potato, deliciously mixed with chili and other spices to make it one of the most mouth-watering cuisines in the world.

Litti Chokha is available in every corner of Patna but if you wish to taste the specialized version of Litti Chokha, you should visit the Raj Sweets Shop adjacent to Sanjay Gandhi Biological Garden which became famous with the visit of Amir Khan the celebrity Bollywood hero who went to Raj Sweets with the desire of tasting the delicious Litti Chokha. Besides Raj Sweets, you can also get the potential and organic taste of Litti Chokha in several other places of Patna such as S.P. Verma Road, Dak Bungalow Road, and Maurya Lok Road.

The Unavoidable Temptation of Paratha & Mughlai Meat in Agra-UP:

The city of Agra in India stands number one in terms of tourist attraction because of the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world. Taj Mahal, the gigantic ivory-white marble mausoleum was designated as UNESCO world heritage site in the year 1983, and as per UNESCO statistics, around seven to eight million tourists across the nook and corners of the world visited Taj Mahal in 2014 which is increasing every year.

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) as on 3rd January 2018, claims that the average number of visitors to Taj Mahal per day is around 35000 to 40000 people which eventually rise to 60000 to 70000 visitors per day on weekends and holidays.

But people who have already paid a visit to Agra know that the Taj Mahal is not the only attraction in Agra. The unavoidable attraction of incredible Mughal Paratha and Mughal meat are the true significant sensation for the food lovers in the Agra city which has been once the capital of the country in the 16th century Mughal empire in India.

The incredibly delicious Mughal chicken in Agra is still served with the same ingredients and taste that were left by the Mughals as one of the best and indelible imprints on the cuisine of Agra. You can get the organic and original Mughal meat and chicken cuisine best to take with famous Mughal paratha at Nai Ki Mandi area of MG Road in several restaurants at the Fatehabad Road in Agra.

The Incredible and World Famous Mysore Dosa in Mysore-the Cultural Capital of the State of Karnataka:

The historical city of Mysore is still counted as the cultural capital of incredible Karnataka which is known worldwide for its heritage structures and palaces. Mysore was the capital of Kingdom of Mysore currently known as the state of Karnataka for around 600 years from 1399 to 1956. The city is world-famous for its magnificent palaces and for Dasara festive season when tourists across the world flock around the lanes of Mysore.

As per government statistics, more than 1.25 lakh tourists in 2015 and 1.24 lakh in 2016 and 1.23 lakh tourists in 2017 visited Mysore during the Dasara season. In addition to the numerous heritage places and Dasara in the city, Mysore is the 5th cleanest city in India as per the Swachh Sarvekshan 2017.

Above all, besides Mysore palace and other heritage centres in Mysore, the city is also world-famous for other three aspects such as the Mysore Peta, a traditional silk turban, the Mysore Silk sarees, and the delicious Mysore Dosa. Over the period, the Mysore Dosa has already crossed the international boundaries of Europe and the US and has established the incredible and amazing taste along with the brand known as the Mysore Masala Dosa.

You can get famous continental pizzas, burgers, pasta, sandwiches along with kebabs and butter chickens across numerous restaurants in Mysore, but you should never ignore to taste the Mysore Masala Dosa at the famous Vinayak Mylari hotel, as well as the mutton pulao breakfast at the iconic Hanumantu Mess, also referred to as Hanumantu hotel in Mysore.

The Thoran, Kaalan, Paachadi, Pootu and Fish Molly at Kochi-The Queen of The Arabian Sea:

Kochi or the contemporary Kochin, popularly known as the Queen of the Arabian sea is historical harbour city in the state of Kerala in India known worldwide for its centuries-old world spice trade. The old Kochi that is known as the West Kochi is comprised of a group of islands namely Willingdon Island, Mattancherry, Fort Kochi etc.

Kochi harbour was a noted business and trade centre in the 14th century with worldwide trade network particularly with Arabian merchants and it was the first European colonies in colonial India after it was occupied by the Portuguese in the year 1503. The St. Francis church in Kochi is world-famous because it was the place where Vasco-da-Gama was buried originally. However, after 14 years of burial, his mortal remaining was taken back to his country, but the exact spot of his burial is still kept clearly marked and untouched.

The Kochi cuisine includes typical Keralite cuisines but special in terms of its unique and special taste which you may not experience anywhere in the world. The most popular cuisines known as Kochi special are Stew and appam and the most delicious Fish molly. If you happen to visit Kochi, you should never miss the Thoran banana chips, Kalan, Paachadi and Pootu that are made out of banana and rice flour. In addition to this, various types of Kochi special sea-food cuisines are very popular and famous in famous restaurants such as Oceanos restaurant, the Ginger House, the Dal Roti, the Kashi Art Café, the Subhiksha, and Frys Village Restaurant.

The Royal Taste of Nizam-the Hyderabadi Biriyani and Haleem in Hyderabad-Telangana:

The city of Hyderabad is the city of Nizams’ palaces and forts and world-famous for Nizam’s mind bowing jewels which still preserved as public property and displayed periodically for public view. The diamonds and precious metals in the Nizams jewellery are so rare and magnificent that people from all around the world step into Hyderabad to have a look at them.

Some of the spectacular sights to witness in Hyderabad are Golkonda fort, Charminar, Chowmahalla Palace, and one of the world’s largest Masques the Makkah Masjid which took 77 years to construct and completed in 1694.

But one more thing you will regret if you do not taste the royal taste of Nizam i.e. the Hyderabadi Biriyani and Haleem. The Hyderabadi Biriyani has over the period earned a global reputation for its wonderful and unique taste. The Hyderabadi Biriyani is popularly believed to be one of the favourite dishes of Nizams, the rulers of Hyderabad empire for centuries.

The Hyderabadi Biriyani is prepared with long-grained and fragrant basmati rice with quality meat either mutton or chicken and soaked with spices overnight and then cooked with special closed or sealed vessels and then steamed with coals. The Hyderabadi Dum biriyani is world-famous for its taste particularly the flavour and fragrance.

You can get the best and originally prepared Hyderabadi Dum Biriyani at the Tabla Restaurant in Banjara Hills, Bawarchi restaurant which was inaugurated by one of the biriyani loving Bollywwood hero Sunil Shetty, Meridian Café and Restaurant, Ulavacharu restaurant, Jewel of Nizam-the Golkonda Hotel, as well as other restaurants across the city of Hyderabad.

Best Places to Eat and Experience the Varanasi Special Baati Chokha and Numerous Varanasi Chats:

Varanasi, the spiritual capital of India, is a 11th-century city in northern India in the State of UP famous in India for funeral rites and rituals because of the sacred water of river Ganges which flows across the twin cities of Varanasi and Kashi. Varanasi attracts the attention of world communities because of numerous temples numbering around 2000 of them including the world-famous and ancient Kashi Vishwanath temple which regarded as the golden temple by the Hindus and dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Varanasi is one of the most ancient cities in the Indian subcontinent existing from the period of Budha and has been part of the ancient Kashi Kingdom. Varanasi is popularly believed to be established by Lord Shiva 5000 years ago whereas modern science defines the age of Varanasi as 3000 years old.

Baati Chokha is famous in Varanasi which is located at the Puran das Road with a typical traditional environment. You can find a chulla or a stove at the entrance of Baati Chokha along with a sil batta or grinding stone and other rural traditional cooking equipment. You can experience the most primitive type of food serving procedures such as sitting cross-legs on charpoys and eat from the most traditional huge brass plates and katories. However, you can also opt for modern table setting inside Baati Chokha. The popular food served here is Litti chokha and parathas.

The Amazing Experience of Guru ka Langar at World’s Largest Community Kitchen at golden Temple-Amritsar in Punjab:

Amritsar, the land of peace and patriotism known worldwide for the largest community kitchen in the world. The city is also known colloquially as Ambarsar and historically as Ramdaspur after the name of Guru Ram Das. The name Amritsar is derived from the name of the lake Amrit Sarovar which was built by Guru Ram Das who believed that the waters of Amrit Sarovar contained healing powers. Initially, a small piece of land was bought by Guru Ram Das for a small amount of money of Rs. 700/- and the temple was built around it. In the course of time, the village developed and known as Chakk Ram Das and eventually developed into Amritsar over a period of time.

Amritsar is famous because it is the heart of Sikhism and because of the Golden Temple, the main temple of Sikhism. The temple was founded by Guru Ram Das and completed by Guru Arjan Dev, and ultimately considered as the most holy place for the Sikhs.

If you have a plan to visit Amritsar, you must never ignore to visit and experience the world’s largest community kitchen which serves food called Guru ka Langar to around one lakh people on a daily basis. Even if you miss the Guru ka Langar, you should at least experience the delicious taste of Kara Prasad in the Golden Temple.

Another interesting thing in Amritsar is the taste and freshness of its food. You may say because of its unique soil or the water or the way of food preparation, you will eventually experience a kind of unique freshness and organic taste of its foods such as Kulcha, lassi or juicy tandoori fish. You can get the best Kulcha at Kesar da Dhaba, Darshan Lal Kulche Waala, and Harbans Lal Kulche Wala.

The Attraction of Incredible Mangalore Buns and Momos in Bangalore-Karnataka:

Bangalore is perhaps the most advanced city in terms of technology and growing high-tech business in India. You can find people from all over the world flocking around Bangalore for different purposes and that is the reason Bangalore is called “home for the people from all over the world”. Similarly, you will also find all sorts of foods consumed across the world in the boasting continental restaurants and pubs of Bangalore.

However, Bangalore is famous for its street foods such as chaat and pani puri, rolls and kebabs, obbattu, but the most popular are the Momos and the Mangalore Buns. The Momos have entered Bangalore all the way from the east but the Bangalore special Momos have their own fragrance and delicacy. Similarly, the most popular breakfast in Bangalore is the Mangalore Buns the best of which you can get at the Shetty’s Corner at Serpentine Road or at Hallimane at Malleshwaram or at many darshinis at the Frazer Town. Similarly, you can get the best Momos at Momo Hut at Koramangala or with the street vendors at the Kammanahalli or at Sony World Signal.

What are the Famous Cuisines of Jammu and Kashmir, and Where to Get Them?

Jammu and Kashmir, the land of Paradise as known by world communities and loved by the tourists across the world. The favourite traditional food in Jammu and Kashmir are the Gushi or Morel Palov, lintel or Madra cooked with curd, Maani, Katha meat or sour meat, khameera etc. Jammu is famous for its delicious cuisine called Gol Gappas, Gulgule, kachaalo and Rajma Kulche.

However, you will find different types of foods popular in different regions of Jammu and Kashmir such as Kashmir and Leh have different preference of foods. Some of the famous cuisine popular and famous in the region are the Rogan Josh, delicious cuisine for the lamb or meat lovers, Modur Pulav or sweetened rice, Matschgand which is prepared out of minced meatballs, Yakhni or Yoghurt lamb curry, and Dum Olav a purely vegetarian potato dish. The Zaika restaurant and the Mughal Darbar in Jammu are the best places to get the famous Jammu and Kashmir cuisines in Jammu, and Wazan restaurant near Residency Road Srinagar is perhaps the best place for Jammu and Kashmir’s best cuisines.

Famous Cuisines at Ahmedabad and the Places Where They are Available

Ahmedabad is the first UNESCO world heritage city in India and the city is famous for friendly people as well as known for its warm hospitality. Ahmedabad is famous for not one cuisine but a variety of Gujarati food items such as Fafda, Khakhra, Dhokla, Dalvada, Thepla, Sev, Dabeli, Farsan etc. You can these cuisines at various places of the city of Ahmedabad such as Law Garden, Manek Chowk, Baghdad Fry Centre, Municipal Market, Food Truck Park, Das Khaman House, Amdo’s Kitchen, Bera Samosa centre etc.

The best among all the others is the Manek Chowk which is presently at the Old Ahmedabad and is a city square with numerous food joints. The best and appropriate time to visit Manek Chowk is the evening hours when you can get the fresh and delicious Gujarati cuisines. The popular and famous cuisines in the Manek Chowk are Fafda jalebi, Sev Puri and Methi Na Gota.


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