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Why YouTube is a great place to study and learn new things.

YouTube is the galaxy of digital entertainment but apart from the entertainment students can also utilize it for their study purpose. YouTube has a lot of valuable content which students can use for their study purposes.

Study via YouTube?

It may sound like a strange thing but trust me after reading my thoughts you will start believing that YouTube is a great place to study and learn new things. Below we will discuss the various reasons to consider YouTube as a great source of knowledge.

It is easy to start.

Watching YouTube videos is comparatively easy as compared to attending those boring lectures in the classroom. You can easily start by searching the topic you wish to learn about and a lot of teachers there will be present to help you.

Connect with others having the same field of interest

Not only you will be learning through YouTube various other people around the globe will also be there with you. You can discuss your problems and droughts with them. It creates a unique community in which you can learn according to your specific interest.

Various open source community to join.

YouTube has a number of open source community where everyone can post their videos and can comment and share that video. It makes extremely easy to share one’s knowledge with others.

Learn anywhere, anytime.

Uploading eLearning content to YouTube makes it on the market throughout the YouTube network, which suggests that your learners will access it and examine it on the go via their smartphones and tablets, devices utilized in mobile learning.

It doesn’t matter however little the screen is; you’ll be able to use YouTube as a platform for not solely looking out online video resources, however additionally sharing displays, and welcoming your learners to require an energetic half through their commenting. It’s up to you keep it or delete the YouTube video you don’t want.

Improves noting skills.

Note-taking skills are necessary each for college students and workers because the ability to research info and specialize in details helps to handle the data overload of the trendy world.

Exploitation YouTube videos as a part of your eLearning course encourage your audience to develop their note-taking skills by viewing, rewinding, and replaying the YouTube video material till they need totally grasped its essence and key points.

you’ll even produce on-line assignments supported this, for example by asking your learners to explain in a very few words what they need simply seen on a video in a very specific time.


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